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About Me

Jason C. - My Brother and Friend

My Story

Jason is my brother.  And like a good brother he taught me a lot of things.  He taught me just about everything I know about humor, adversity and finding humor in spite of adversity.  Though far from perfect, in many ways, he was perfect for me.  He was the voice I heard encouraging me before an interview, and comforting me after a disappointment.  We were there for each other.  But, I could have been more present.  I could have been more attentive.  I could have been more aware.

In 2020, when the world went on lockdown due to COVID-19, I scrambled to gather medical supplies for my home and for his.  I sent a gallon of hand sanitizer from Florida to New Hampshire to his doorstep, and when the grocery store shelves emptied I hired someone to deliver pizzas and Ben & Jerry’s to his kitchen so he wouldn’t go hungry.  But, when I had a small window of opportunity to board a flight and travel to NH to see him and make sure that he was alright during the pandemic, I didn’t.  I stayed home.  

I stayed home.  And he died.

The day before he died we had a dumb conversation.  Most days we talked about things that mattered.  But not that day.  That day we talked about boredom and pink hair dye and Alexa.  But not love.  I didn’t end my last conversation with my best friend with love.  

Jason is my brother.  And like a good brother he taught me a lot of things.  Like, to never forget to Say I Love You (SILY™).

Now, I exist and am passionate about helping you live a life with more love and less regret.

Janelle S. - Jason's Sister and Friend





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